Mac carbon copy cloner vs time machine

Allow me to be the first to say it: stick a fork in it, HFS is done. Anyone out there able to create a disk group under Catalina with diskutil?

I keep getting disk3s1 role S :. The answer, if anyone cares, is that you have to add a system volume to a data volume.

How to Clone Mac OS X to new HDD or SSD

Update : John Martellaro :. He explained new features of volumes in macOS He also explained the new firmlinks that tie these two volumes together, making them appear as one.

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Dave Nanian tweet :. These changes will be as extensive as the ones we had to make when APFS was introduced, if not more so. We have to take a quite different approach to copying, make understandable errors appear when the underlying system APIs provide no details, and we have to depend on a bunch of new, unfinished, un-and-under-documented things to make any of this work at all. Which one? Does it support APFS. I will appreciate if you could do the following test.

Time Machine: No FAT or exFAT drives, only HFS+ and APFS

I have not tried recovering anything from the TM backup but if I open Time Machine it does launch and allow me to go back in time. I'm not really talking about most recent versions of my files -- in some ways that is what I'm least concerned about, since I already back up my most important, work-crucial docs to Dropbox.

Is that what CCC's bootable clone is, or is that something different? Does my question make sense? Sorry if I'm not explaining it well Plus, MacOS is designed to restore a freshly-erased drive from TM specifically, so a Mac in the setup stages will read from it seamlessly.

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I love both applications for their specific uses. Thank you for your reply! How I use them: Time Machine is a live backup.

CCC is a cloning utility. If you want an exact copy of a drive, CCC is the tool to use. Although I've restored from TM my last couple machine upgrades, there are always things to set up again or for the apps to reload their data.

Thomas' Corner : Macintosh Backups

When I clone a drive with CCC, it is exactly copied and thus comes up exactly as it was on the old drive. Thank you for your input! I'm a little confused and this is why I have been because it seems like two people above you are saying that Time Machine is what I should be using for having things exactly the way they were before. Time Machine is supposed to restore everything as it was when the backup was performed, but I don't know about CCC.