How to make a brochure on microsoft word 2003 mac

How to Make Brochures on Microsoft Word - Word to PDF Converter Q&A

A template already has the columns and placeholders configured, and you only need to input your own text and images. The steps in this section show how to open and create a brochure in Word Although we highly suggest you use a template to create your brochures, it is possible to create them from scratch. Following that you'll need to choose Portrait or Landscape mode to define how you want to fold the brochure you create, once you've finished it.

You'll separate the page into two columns for a bi-fold brochure and three for trifold.

How to Make a Brochure in Microsoft Word for a Mac

To create columns in:. Once you have the layout created for a brochure, whether it's part of a template or from columns you've created, you can start to personalize the brochure with your own data.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started. Share Pin Email. Microsoft MVP, Lynda.

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Under this heading, you can select the sharpness or softness you want. Recoloring a picture can change the color saturation, color tone, or change the picture color entirely. Under this heading, you can select the saturation you want for your picture.

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  • Under this heading, you can select the intensity of your color tone. Under this heading, you can select the color filter you want on your picture. Under this button, you can select the filter you want for your picture. To remove the unwanted background pictures just move the circle and square around the areas that you want to include.

    Then click out of the image to see the result.

    How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word

    Once under this, name your document and pick the save location. This saves a final draft in the location of your choosing. Once you have saved, you will probably want to print a copy of your brochure. Just press print in the bottom right hand corner and you should be good to go! Free trial is available here: EZE I find is as a good solution to Mac users as it provides the software in a full version with all features.

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    • Q. How do I make a trifold brochure in Word?.
    • Using Templates in Word!
    • Hit your Zoom drop-down and choose Whole Page. If you can't find this toolbar button, you may want to change your toolbar settings to my recommended settings. Go to Format Columns from the menu, and choose 3 columns, evenly spaced, with 1" in between. You must use one inch because the space between columns has to be twice the width of the margins, or your brochure content will not be centered on the "panels".

      Make sure you choose Equal column width, too.


      You should now be able to see some area to click and type in each of 6 panels in your tri-fold brochure, and get a better handle on what you're doing. Above is page 1. The far-right column is the front of your brochure. You may want to begin your design here, including your logo. The first column on the left of page 2 will be the back of your tri-fold.