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Otherwise, you can opt to continue or ignore the warning, although you may continue to receive this message in the future. Emails sent in Mail do not appear in my Sent Folder, why? Follow these simple steps to configure this:. This will configure Mail to save new outgoing emails to the sent folder for your account. If you want your previously sent emails to appear they must be dragged from Mail's local Sent folder to the Sent folder listed under your account.

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Then re-open the application by clicking on the stamp icon in your dock. Next, confirm that your email settings are configured correctly. If you give me the parts on a net day terms I can build and deliver the computers in that time frame, collect my money from Terrell at the Byte Shop and pay you. Amazed at the tenacity of Jobs, Terrell assured the credit manager if the computers showed up in his stores, Jobs would be paid and would have more than enough money to pay for the parts order.

The two Steves and their small crew spent day and night building and testing the computers, and delivered to Terrell on time to pay his suppliers and have a tidy profit left over for their celebration and next order. Jobs had found a way to finance his and Wozniak's soon-to-be multimillion-dollar company without giving away one share of stock or ownership. The machine had only a few notable features. One was the use of a TV as the display system, whereas many machines had no display at all. This was not like the displays of later machines, however; text was displayed at 60 characters per second.

However, this was still faster than the teleprinters used on contemporary machines of that era. Although the machine was fairly simple, it was nevertheless a masterpiece of design, using far fewer parts than anything in its class, and quickly earning Wozniak a reputation as a master designer.

Joined by Wayne, the two Steves started building the machines, borrowing space from friends and family. Jobs managed to secure the parts needed while Wozniak and Wayne assembled them. Building such a machine was going to be financially burdensome, and the owner of the Byte Shop was expecting complete computers, not just printed circuit boards. The boards being a product for the customers, Terrell still paid them. Encouraged by the success of the Apple I, Jobs started looking for investments to further expand the business, [30] but banks were reluctant to lend him money; the idea of a computer for ordinary people seemed absurd at the time.

Jobs eventually met a millionaire Mike Markkula , who saw the great potential in the two Steves and became an angel investor. Wozniak had soon moved on from the Apple I. Many of the design features of the I were due to the limited amount of money they had to construct the computer, but with the income from the sales Wozniak was able to start construction of a greatly improved machine, the Apple II ; Wozniak completed a working prototype of the new machine by August The main difference internally was a completely redesigned TV interface, which held the display in memory.

Now not only useful for simple text display, the Apple II included graphics and, eventually, color. Jobs meanwhile pressed for a much improved case and keyboard, with the idea that the machine should be complete and ready to run out of the box.

With both cash and a new case design in hand thanks to designer Jerry Manock , the Apple II was released in and was one of the three " Trinity " computers generally credited with creating the home computer market the other two being the Commodore PET and the Tandy Corporation TRS While the Apple II was already established as a successful business-ready platform because of Visicalc, Apple was not content.

The Apple III was designed to take on the business environment. The Apple III was a relatively conservative design for computers of the era. However, Jobs did not want the computer to have a fan; rather, he wanted the heat generated by the electronics to be dissipated through the chassis of the machine, forgoing the cooling fan. However, the physical design of the case was not sufficient to cool the components inside it.

By removing the fan from the design, the Apple III was prone to overheating. This caused the integrated circuit chips to disconnect from the motherboard. Customers who contacted Apple customer service were told to "raise the computers six inches in the air, and then let go", which would cause the ICs to fall back into place.

Thousands of Apple III computers were recalled. A new model was introduced in to try to rectify the problems, but the damage was already done. In the July issue of Kilobaud Microcomputing , publisher Wayne Green stated that "the best consumer ads I've seen have been those by Apple.

They are attention-getting, and they must be prompting sale. Apple Computer, the fast growing Californian manufacturer of small computers for the consumer, business and educational markets, is planning to go public later this year. Founded about five years ago as a small workshop business, it has become the second largest manufacturer of small computers, after the Radio Shack division of the Tandy company. On December 12, , Apple launched the Initial Public Offering of its stock to the investing public.

When Apple went public, it generated more capital than any IPO since Ford Motor Company in and instantly created more millionaires about than any company in history. In January , Apple held its first shareholders meeting as a public company in the Flint Center , a large auditorium at nearby De Anza College which is often used for symphony concerts to handle the larger numbers of shareholders post-IPO.

The business of the meeting had been planned so that the voting could be staged in 15 minutes or less. In most cases, voting proxies are collected by mail and counted days or months before a meeting. In this case, after the IPO, many shares were in new hands. Steve Jobs started his prepared speech, but after being interrupted by voting several times, he dropped his prepared speech and delivered a long, emotionally charged talk about betrayal, lack of respect, and related topics.

While IBM began with one microcomputer, little available hardware or software, and a couple of hundred dealers, Apple had five times as many dealers in the US and an established international distribution network. The Apple II had an installed base of more than , customers, and hundreds of independent developers offered software and peripherals; at least ten databases and ten word processors were available, while the PC had no databases and one word processor. BYTE in stated that [46]. There are two kinds of people in the world: people who say Apple isn't just a company, it's a cause; and people who say Apple isn't a cause, it's just a company.

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Both groups are right. Nature has suspended the principle of noncontradiction where Apple is concerned. Apple is more than just a company because its founding has some of the qualities of myth Apple is two guys in a garage undertaking the mission of bringing computing power, once reserved for big corporations, to ordinary individuals with ordinary budgets. The company's growth from two guys to a billion-dollar corporation exemplifies the American Dream. The magazine noted, however, that the loyalty was not entirely positive for Apple; customers were willing to overlook real flaws in its products, even while comparing the company to a higher standard than for competitors.

It took them a full year to realize what had happened". Apple Computer's business division was focused on the Apple III, another iteration of the text-based computer. Simultaneously the Lisa group worked on a new machine that would feature a completely different interface and introduce the words mouse , icon , and desktop into the lexicon of the computing public.

The first iteration of Apple's WIMP interface was a floppy disk where files could be spatially moved around. After months of usability testing, Apple designed the Lisa interface of windows and icons. Because of the high price, Lisa failed to penetrate the business market. By computer dealers saw Apple as the only clear alternative to IBM's influence. While , people participated, dealers disliked the promotion, the supply of computers was insufficient for demand, and many were returned in such a bad shape that they could no longer be sold. Two days after the ad aired, the Macintosh went on sale.

It came bundled with two applications designed to show off its interface: MacWrite and MacPaint. Although the Mac garnered an immediate, enthusiastic following, it was too radical for some, who labeled it a mere "toy". Because the machine was entirely designed around the GUI, existing text-mode and command-driven applications had to be redesigned and the programming code rewritten; this was a challenging undertaking that many software developers shied away from, and resulted in an initial lack of software for the new system.

It was not successful. Macintosh also spawned the concept of Mac evangelism , which was pioneered by Apple employee, and later Apple Fellow , Guy Kawasaki. Despite initial marketing difficulties, the Macintosh brand was eventually a success for Apple. This was due to its introduction of desktop publishing and later computer animation through Apple's partnership with Adobe Systems , which introduced the laser printer and Adobe PageMaker. Indeed, the Macintosh would become known as the de facto platform for many industries including cinema, music, advertising, publishing and the arts.

Sculley and Jobs' visions for the company greatly differed. The former favored open architecture computers like the Apple II, sold to education, small business, and home markets less vulnerable to IBM.

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This frustrated Wozniak, who left active employment at Apple early that same year to pursue other ventures, stating that the company had "been going in the wrong direction for the last five years" and sold most of his stock. Macintosh sales were initially good, but began to taper off dramatically after the first three months due to its high price and limited range of available software. The board of directors instructed Sculley to contain Jobs and his ability to launch expensive forays into untested products.

Rather than submit to Sculley's direction, Jobs attempted to oust him from his leadership role at Apple. Sculley reorganized the company, unifying sales and marketing in one division and product operations and development in another. NeXT Inc. While not a commercial success, due in part to its high price, the NeXT computer would introduce important concepts to the history of the personal computer including serving as the initial platform for Tim Berners-Lee as he was developing the World Wide Web.

Under leadership of John Sculley , Apple issued its first corporate stock dividend on May 11, A month later on June 16, Apple stock split for the first time in a split. Apple kept a quarterly dividend with about 0. Apple continued to sell both lines of its computers, the Apple II and the Macintosh. And in Apple introduced the Apple IIgs , an Apple II positioned as something of a hybrid product with a mouse-driven, Mac-like operating environment. Even with the release of the first Macintosh, Apple II computers remained the main source of income for Apple for years.

At the same time, the Mac was becoming a product family of its own. Meanwhile, Apple attempted its first portable Macs: the failed Macintosh Portable in and then the more popular PowerBook in , a landmark product that established the modern form and ergonomic layout of the laptop.

Popular products and increasing revenues made this a good time for Apple. MacAddict magazine has called to the "first golden age" of the Macintosh. On February 19, , Apple registered the " Apple. However, these new lines were marketed poorly by what was now "arguably one of the worst-managed companies in the industry". The excess of arbitrary model numbers confused many consumers and hurt Apple's reputation for simplicity. Compounding matters was the fact that, although the machines were cheaper than a comparable PC when taken into account all the components built-in that had to be added to the 'bare bones PC' , the poor marketing gave the impression that the machines were more expensive.

These processors used a RISC architecture, which differed substantially from the Motorola X0 series that were used by all previous Macs. Parts of Apple's operating system software were rewritten so that most software written for older Macs could run in emulation on the PowerPC series. In addition to computers, Apple has also produced consumer devices. In Apple launched eWorld , an online service providing email, news and a bulletin board system to replace AppleLink.

It was shut down in During , a decision was made to officially start licensing the Mac OS and Macintosh ROMs to 3rd party manufacturers who started producing Macintosh "clones". This was done in order to achieve deeper market penetration and extra revenue for the company. Jobs promptly found a loophole in the licensing contracts Apple had with the clone manufacturers and terminated the Macintosh OS licensing program, ending the Macintosh clone era.

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Jobs stepped in as the interim CEO to begin a critical restructuring of the company's product line. He would eventually become CEO and served in that position until August On August 24, Steve Jobs resigned his position as chief executive officer of Apple before his long battle with pancreatic cancer took his life on October 5, On November 10, , Apple introduced the Apple Store , an online retail store based upon the WebObjects application server the company had acquired in its purchase of NeXT.

The new direct sales outlet was also tied to a new build-to-order manufacturing strategy. As part of the deal Apple and Microsoft agreed to settle a long-standing dispute over whether Microsoft's Windows operating system infringed on any of Apple's patents. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates appeared at the expo on-screen, further explaining Microsoft's plans for the software they were developing for Mac, and stating that he was very excited to be helping Apple return to success. After this, Steve Jobs said this to the audience at the expo:.

If we want to move forward and see Apple healthy and prospering again, we have to let go of a few things here. We have to let go of this notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose. We have to embrace a notion that for Apple to win, Apple has to do a really good job.

And if others are going to help us that's great, because we need all the help we can get, and if we screw up and we don't do a good job, it's not somebody else's fault, it's our fault. So I think that is a very important perspective. If we want Microsoft Office on the Mac, we better treat the company that puts it out with a little bit of gratitude; we'd like their software.

So, the era of setting this up as a competition between Apple and Microsoft is over as far as I'm concerned. This is about getting Apple healthy, this is about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry and to get healthy and prosper again. Apple CFO Fred Anderson stated that Apple would use the additional funds to invest in its core markets of education and creative content. While discontinuing Apple's licensing of its operating system to third-party computer manufacturers, one of Jobs's first moves as new acting CEO was to develop the iMac , which bought Apple time to restructure.

The line became a sales smash, moving about one million units each year. It also helped re-introduce Apple to the media and public, and announced the company's new emphasis on the design and aesthetics of its products. Also that year, Apple unveiled the iBook , its first consumer-oriented laptop that was also the first Macintosh to support the use of Wireless LAN via the optional AirPort card that was based on the To aid users in transitioning their applications from Mac OS 9 , the new operating system allowed the use of Mac OS 9 applications through the Classic environment.

In May , after much speculation, Apple announced the opening of a line of Apple retail stores, to be located throughout the major U. The stores were designed for two primary purposes: to stem the tide of Apple's declining share of the computer market and to respond to poor marketing of Apple products at third-party retail outlets.

In October , Apple introduced its first iPod portable digital audio player. Then iPod started as a 5 gigabyte player capable of storing around songs. Since then it has evolved into an array of products including the Mini now discontinued , the iPod Touch , the Shuffle now discontinued , the iPod Classic also discontinued , the Nano now discontinued , the iPhone and the iPad. Since March , the largest storage capacity for an iPod has been gigabytes. The iPod gave an enormous lift to Apple's financial results. The new iMac G4 design had a white hemispherical base and a flat panel all-digital display supported by a swiveling chrome neck.

After several iterations increasing the processing speed and screen sizes from 15" to 17" to 20" the iMac G4 was discontinued and replaced by the iMac G5 in the summer of In , Apple also released the Xserve 1U rack mounted server. Originally featuring two G4 chips, the Xserve was unusual for Apple in two ways. It represented an earnest effort to enter the enterprise computer market and it was also relatively cheaper than similar machines released by its competitors.

Its all-metal anodized aluminum chassis finished Apple's transition away from colored plastics in their computers. Apple claims this was the first bit computer sold to the general public.

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The Power Mac G5 was also used by Virginia Tech to build its prototype System X supercomputing cluster, which at the time garnered the prestigious recognition of the third fastest supercomputer in the world. Apple's Xserves were soon updated to use the G5 as well. They replaced the Power Mac G5 machines as the main building block of Virginia Tech 's System X , which was ranked in November as the world's seventh fastest supercomputer. A new iMac based on the G5 processor was unveiled August 31, and was made available in mid-September. This model dispensed with the base altogether, placing the CPU and the rest of the computing hardware behind the flat-panel screen, which is suspended from a streamlined aluminum foot.

This new iMac, dubbed the iMac G5 , was the "world's thinnest desktop computer", [] measuring in at around two inches around 5 centimeters. After creating a sizable financial base to work with, the company began experimenting with new parts from new suppliers. As a result, Apple was able to produce new designs quickly over a short amount of time, with the release of the iPod Video, then the iPod Classic, and eventually the iPod touch and iPhone.

Apple's wildly successful PowerBook and iBook products relied on Apple's previous generation G4 architecture, which were produced by Freescale Semiconductor , a spin-off from Motorola. This processor contains two cores in one rather than have two separate processors. Apple has also developed the Power Mac G5 Quad that uses two of the Dual-Core processors for enhanced workstation power and performance. The new Power Mac G5 Dual cores run individually at 2.

The Power Mac G5 Quad cores run individually at 2. Ginza was followed by a store in Osaka , Japan in August Another store was opened in Sapporo in A store in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham opened in April , and the Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford , Kent opened in July Also, in an effort to court a broader market, Apple opened several "mini" stores in October in an attempt to capture markets where demand does not necessarily dictate a full scale store. These stores follow in the footsteps of the successful Apple products: iPod mini and Mac mini.

These stores are only one half the square footage of the smallest "normal" store and thus can be placed in several smaller markets. In , Apple introduced its iTools service, a set of free web-based tools that included an email account, internet greeting cards called iCards, a service called iReview that gave internet users a place to read and write reviews of Web sites, and a tool called KidSafe that promised to prevent children from browsing inappropriate portions of the web.

The latter two services were eventually canceled because of lack of success, while iCards and email became integrated into Apple's. Mac subscription based service introduced in and discontinued in mid to make way for the release of the new MobileMe service, coinciding with the iPhone 3G release. Mac predecessor, featured the addition of "push" services to instantly and automatically send emails, contacts and calendar updates directly to users' iPhone devices. Some controversy surrounded the release of MobileMe services to users resulting in expected downtime and a significantly longer release window.

As a result of this, Apple extended the subscriptions of existing MobileMe subscribers by an additional 30 days free-of-charge. This service kept most of the core services that MobileMe offered, however dropping iDisk, Gallery, and iWeb. The iTunes Music Store was launched in April , with 2 million downloads in the first 16 days. Music was purchased through the iTunes application, which was initially Macintosh-only; in October , support for Windows was added. Initially, the music store was only available in the United States due to licensing restrictions. A version for Canada opened in December The download was The Complete U2 , by U2.

Briefly, people in New Zealand were able to buy music off the Australian store. However, that loophole was quickly closed. On February 23, , the iTunes Music Store sold its 1 billionth song. Since iTunes' inception it has sold over 2 billion songs, 1. Since downloadable TV and movie content was added 50 million TV episodes and 1.

In early , Apple celebrated the 10 billionth song downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. In a keynote address on June 6, , Steve Jobs officially announced that Apple would begin producing Intel-based Macintosh computers beginning in Rumors of cross-platform compatibility had been spurred by the fact that Mac OS X is based on OpenStep , an operating system that was available for many platforms. This introduction came with the news that Apple would complete the transition to Intel processors on all hardware by the end of , a year ahead of the originally quoted schedule.

On January 9, , Apple Computer, Inc. In his Macworld Expo keynote address, Steve Jobs explained that with their current product mix consisting of the iPod and Apple TV as well as their Macintosh brand, Apple really wasn't just a computer company anymore. At the same address, Jobs revealed a product that would revolutionize an industry in which Apple had never previously competed: the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone combined Apple's first widescreen iPod with the world's first mobile device boasting visual voicemail, and an internet communicator able to run a fully functional version of Apple's web browser, Safari , on the then-named iPhone OS later renamed iOS.

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It was another 12 months before the iPhone 3G became available on July 11, This month iteration cycle has continued with the iPhone 4 model arriving in similar fashion in , a Verizon model was released in February , and a Sprint model in October , shortly after Jobs' death. Now two iPod types are multi-touch: the iPod nano and the iPod touch, a big advance in technology. Apple has also gone wireless, selling a wireless trackpad, keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive.

Wired accessories are, however, still available. The Apple iPad was announced on January 27, with retail availability commencing in April and systematically growing in markets throughout The iPad fits into Apple's iOS product line, being twice the screen size of an iPhone without the phone abilities. While there were initial fears of product cannibalisation the FY financial results released in Jan included commentary of a reverse 'halo' effect, where iPad sales were leading to increased sales of iMacs and MacBooks.

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Since , Apple's revenues, profits, and stock price have grown significantly. On May 26, , Apple's stock market value overtook Microsoft's, [] [] [] and Apple's revenues surpassed those of Microsoft in the third quarter of The Guardian reported that one of the reasons for the change was because PC software, where Microsoft dominates, has become less important compared to the tablet and smartphone markets, where Apple has a strong presence. On March 2, , Apple unveiled the iPad's second generation model, the iPad 2. Like the 4th generation iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad 2 comes with a front-facing camera as well as a rear-facing camera, along with three new apps that utilize these new features: Camera, FaceTime , and Photo Booth.

On October 29, , Apple announced structural changes to increase collaboration between hardware, software and services. The most notable short term difference of this restructuring was the launch of iOS 7 , the first version of the operating system to use a drastically different design to its predecessors, headed by Jony Ive.

During this time, Apple released the iPhone 5 , the first iPhone to have a screen larger than 3. They released the iPad 3rd generation with Retina Display, followed by the iPad 4th generation just half a year later. The iPad Mini was announced alongside the iPad 4th gen, and was the first to feature a smaller screen than 9. This was followed by the iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display in , alongside the iPad Air , a continuation of the original 9. Apple also released various major Mac updates, including the MacBook Pro with Retina Display , [] whilst also discontinuing the original MacBook range for a short period, before reintroducing it in with various new features, a Retina Display and a new design that implemented USB-C , while removing all other ports.

On November 25, , Apple acquired a company called PrimeSense.

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On September 9, , Apple announced the Apple Watch , the first new product range since the departure of Steve Jobs.